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Pit of Despair

This is our private in home dungeon.  Visits are allowed by invitation only.  After one visit you will have a POD profile created which will give you access to this area

Introduction/History - The Pit of Despair has been around since 2003.  This is a brief historical perspective

Current Pit - The latest version of our dungeon

Programs - The type of programs we can offer.  Everything is customized to your desires, but we don't go by schedules or itinerary.  You give us the ideas and will will put together an appropriate program for your desires and level of play

Facilities/Equipment - All of our cages, cells, boxes and gear is listed here

Challenges/Records - Challenges are minimum bondage activities.  If you succeed your ID gets put up on challenge board. 

Base Challenge - A minimum standard.  Usually a push for the beginner

Progressive Challenge - A progressive challenge which goes up with every successful challenge.  Meant to push the non beginner

Record Books - This is highest achievement within the POD.  If you are ready for a real challenge why not set a new record

Pit Fiends - Everyone who has visited the Pit since 2003

Pit Sessions - Blogs and photos of sessions within the Pit