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Slave Quarters

Daily Chronicle - This is where you can track your personal assignments, training and fitness

Health & Fitness - Allows you Track Steps, Run/Walk, Bike, & Weight

Training - Allows you Track Training for Tit Clamps, Plug, & Shackles

Assignments - Review any assignments your Master has assigned to you

Savings - Saving for something special; new chastity device, a trip to visit Master, etc.  You can track your progress

Punishment Log - Review any punishments your Master has assigned to you

Privilege Points - This is specific to Cage Community extended family members.  Review your privilege points and see what they can get you

Journal - A personal journal for the Slave and any Master who has claimed and been granted access

Slave Blogs  - Blogs specifically about Master/slave lifestyle

Master's Household - A registry of your Master's household and its members

Assignments - Do you have a claimed online slave.  You can leave assignment for him here.  He will have to respond to them by your imposed deadlines

Slave Academy - While we recognize that you will need to learn from your Master to get his specifics for service.  The academy provides the basics of service and some specifics about service with the Cage Community

MS Registry - Here you can view your registry or fellow slaves or the registered Masters as well

Auction House - Looking for a slave or a second one perhaps?  The auction gives you a summary of available slaves who are looking for a Master.  Each slave will have a CV/Resume as well as the base registry information for you to review